Selena here.

How are you guys doing?! I miss y’all.

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Sorry for the disappearance!

I’ve been away a while, busy with a ton of new stuff! But send me some questions.

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dreamscometruesobelieve: Hi Selena, i hope you're doing well and that you're career is doing well too. I've always wanted to know what is the song which reminds you of wonderful memories? 

Wonderful memories? Hm, that’s a really interesting question actually because Dem’s song Two World’s Collide definitely reminds me of my childhood and the first time we met and about everything we’ve been through throughout the years. 22 is another song that reminds me of a lot of great times with my girlfriend’s. 


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How do boys not realize if they flirt with a girl, call her cute nicknames, and make her feel comfortable enough to trust them, that she will most likely fall for you?  Is it just not thought about or? Like seriously, think before you speak because if or when she falls you better be willing to catch her.

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Spam my inboxxxxx.

Bored Gomez over here. 

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aye anyone wanna talk?



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Anonymous: Are you still close with Demi Lovato? Still best friend?? 

Yesssss. I love Demi to pieces.


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Anonymous: I can't wait to see you spring breaker. You're my role model and I'm going to be 20 tomarrow!!! :) 

Happy Birthday! Thank you, I am really excited that it’s finally released in Paris!


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